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FORD CONSUL (1957) Gift Box

FORD CONSUL (1957) Gift Box


Step into Nostalgia:  The Ford Consul (1957) Retro Gift Set

Are you in search of a distinctive and cherished gift that captures the essence of a bygone era? Need a hassle-free way to send it directly to your loved one? Longing for a personal touch that resonates deeply? Look no further. Our meticulously curated Ford Consul Retro Gift Set is a tribute to the timeless allure of British vehicles from the 1950s and 60s.


Why Choose Our Gift Set?

Transport yourself back to the golden days of motoring with this beautifully assembled gift package. It's not just a gift; it's a journey down memory lane. Whether you or your recipient are passionate about classic cars, hold fond memories of family road trips, or simply appreciate the elegance of the past, this gift set is designed to evoke stories, laughter, and conversations.

What's Inside:

Retro Mug and Coaster: Delight in sipping your favourite beverage from a 10oz ceramic mug that embodies the spirit of the Ford Consul design draws inspiration from authentic period sales brochures and advertising material. Accompanying the mug is a 9cm x 9cm coaster with a resilient gloss finish for effortless maintenance.


Decadent Chocolate: Indulge in a 110g Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar, a treat that perfectly complements the warmth of nostalgia. The chocolate comes with a customisable greeting sleeve, available in Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy Father's Day, or Thank You themes. And here's the best part—the sleeve includes your heartfelt message, elegantly displayed on the inside of the box lid.


Note on Care:
The ceramic mug is built for comfort and durability, safe for microwaves and dishwashers. However, to preserve its glossy finish and maintain its timeless charm, we recommend hand washing. The coaster, boasting an enduring wipe-clean surface, promises to keep up with your journeys through time.

Give the Gift of Memories:
Whether you're surprising a car enthusiast, reminiscing with a loved one, or celebrating a special occasion, our Ford Consul  Retro Gift Set is more than just a gift—it's a treasure trove of stories waiting to be shared. Order now to ensure your piece of automotive history arrives safely, ready to kindle memories and ignite conversations.

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