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BSA KICKHAM TRIAL - retro style print based upon 1952 advertising material


The attention to detail in the materials used for the print reflects the commitment to quality and archival standards, ensuring its longevity and preservation.

Key features:


Print Size: The 10” x 8” size is reminiscent of vintage prints commonly found during the period. It allows for easy framing and display.

Mount: The 12” x 10” mount provides an elegant border, enhancing the visual appeal of the print. The 1.4mm white core and acid-free nature of the mount contribute to the preservation of the artwork by preventing discoloration and degradation over time.

Backing Mount: The 480gsm off-white backing mount adds stability and weight. PEFC certified to ensure that the paper comes from sustainably managed forests.

Ink:  Epson Claria ET Premium, a 6-color lightfast ink,  Lightfastness indicates the ink's resistance to fading when exposed to light, ensuring that the colors remain vibrant and true to the original for an extended period.

Paper:  High-quality 230g/m2 Archival Matte - paper designed to resist deterioration, discoloration, and aging, making it an excellent choice for preserving the artwork's quality over time.


The materials and printing methods not only pays homage to the nostalgic era but also ensures that the artwork maintains its visual appeal for years to come - not only capturing the essence of the golden days of motoring but also stands as a lasting piece of art.

The RetroMadeGifts watermark won't be visible

Packaged using thick card and waterproof wrap to prevent water damage or creasing.

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